Review of #3 Best Outdoor Bench with Storage

As we mentioned earlier – in our previous buying guide for the patio storage facility with seat bench, a best outdoor bench with storage is required for almost every household due to the enormous facility.

A quick recap – why we need an outdoor storage bench

  • Offers ease of store optimization
  • Allows dual usage at a time
  • Hides clutter
  • Weatherproofing ability allows you to store outside (mainly patio items)
  • Multiple arcade departments help to determine which clutter goes where – helps retrieving it later
  • A hallway bench helps to keep shoes and other staffs in a single place
  • Elegant wooden shape adds value to the living room’s appearance
outdoor storage bench infographic

A common query – How to build this patio arcade

It’s unfair to state that – a multipurpose deck box is impossible to made.

The concept is very clear & straightforward. Pile up the woods, map the shape and build… The powerful adhesive solution offers quick building opportunity. You can check step by step assistance here


Why people prefer buying it – rather than making it themselves?

  • This is really cost effective
  • It’s impossible to build a weatherproof architecture – especially for those who does not have any previous experience
  • You probably will not able to provide such elegant appearance like professionals
  • Selection of material might be the hardest decision
  • In our opinion – the best one is made up of high-quality plastics or fiber. A single person
  • cannot arrange such machines to support the architecture
  • Last but not the least – let people do their job at where they are best in

What we have considered during the review conduct

Our professional home improvement team is delighted to forward the best thing. We make a review based on multiple factors. If you are reading this, you have the due right to know about our process.

outdoor storage bench

We have considered Technical Influence during the review

Firstly, we conduct a thorough research on usability of the product. Then we come up with results such as

  • Where you are going to place the storage bench
  • How many alternatives you might have
  • What other influential choices you might encounter
  • What expectation you may have
  • What features can solve your intended purpose etc?

We have set Critical Success Factors during the markings

“Critical success factors are product specification those are presented by the seller to sell the product.”

In another way – these are the unique selling proposition on which you will make the purchase decision.

Our next step is to analyze – whatever the seller is telling, whether those statements are right or wrong. If right, whether that is logically viable or not. In this step, our thorough research includes

  • Customers’ query
  • Online research on customers’ experience (such as blogs, forums, etc.)
  • Average delivery time
  • Average selling price (obviously after comparing with similar products)
  • Company’s brand value (A brand value pass signal whether it can deliver the best thing for you)
  • And finally – a physical test.

We always try to have a physical visit to ensure proper inspection has been done so far.

How we have done Mark Distribution

After completing step one and step two, we make a list of marking points and distribute 100 marks. Not only that, we have a team of the third eye who examines whether marks has been professionally attributed.

And What You See finally

After having all the activities – you see the result. Due to having a provision protective measurement, we cannot disclose the allotted and achieve marks. But we believe – all you need the Bottom Line.

Review of the Best Storage Box with Bench Seat

We have presented the BEST Products

(Ranked no. one) is at the end of this article.

You probably need to open it through our social locker 🙂 It’s interesting indeed. 

No. 4- Suncast PB6700 Patio Bench, Light Taupe

outdoor storage bench

outdoor storage bench

The patio bench is designed using a ‘stay dry’ method – that allows the whole thing is staying dry. It works as a strong, unique selling proposition just because its procurement is expected to be made for outdoor use.

The back part also looks like front – which means the manufacturers put their effort on its good appearance.

The bench is designed in the USA and is being sold in good frequency. This storage bench has a capacity of fifty (50) gallon. The exterior dimension is 52 ¾ by 21 by 34 ½ inches (W x D x H) and the interior dimension is 47 ¾ by 17 ½ by 16 ½ inches (W x D x H). You would require just 5 minutes to install this. You can keep it in the garden, yard or even anywhere you love to. The whole thing offers awesome appearance with huge storing capacity. As per our thorough internet research – overall user experience is good.

The weatherproof facility will allow you to keep it outside. However, we suggest you cover the stored items with plastic to ensure maximum protection.

What else you need to know:

This bench is made up of Resins is produced from plants. Mainly the material helps the bench from being wet due to its inherent nature.

The packaging system will make you amazed. Very minimal amount of customers experiences any scratch or damage.

And finally, never feel worried about seating over it. As per the manufacturer – the bench can take up to 275 pounds. So chill.

No. 3-Rubbermaid Outdoor Patio Storage Benchoutdoor storage benchoutdoor storage bench

What’s interesting in Rubbermaid Outdoor Patio Storage

This is a double walled construction for maximum longevity. As per the seller & obviously thorough internet research – the garden arcade is purely weather resistant and leak & dent proof. Two people can sit here comfortably. You can place it in the garden, yard or even in your living room.

You can blindly trust on the products made by Rubbermaid. The company has been praised with appraised feedback for more than 80 years.

The Dimension:

There are plenty of choices made by the company – under the category of deck box. However, the particular model we are reviewing is 36”H x 48”W x 25”D.

The Best Part:

Well, this is the most straightforward section to write. Rubbermaid’s products are undoubtedly strong & good enough.

I would prefer telling about the assembling ease here. It’s so easy to assemble. Goods will be stored near your hands so there will be no hesitation of retrieving.

Another nice thing is – this patio stash never attracts scratches.

What ???

Am I Serious !!

Yes, I am….

The Manufacturing process already addressed the issue. Their strong tiny coat helps to keep the bench from major scratches.

What else you need to know

Did I missed something…..?


This bench with storage facility is steel made. And it will allow you to store more than 4 cubic feet.

The price is very competitive. There is something else for which we couldn’t rank it at number one.

So keep reading (Just 2 minutes required).

The Bottom line:

It’s sturdy, Fashionable, looks awesome.

We did not Like

We tried to find something which is negative. But carrying out a thorough research, we found no such evidence of which you can tell it a bad idea.

One thing you should keep in mind – even though the bench is waterproof, it does not mean – no water can enter into it. Heavy rainfall might cause some water drainage. To keep your things safe – use plastic over it. However, the situation happens probably in a year.

No. 2-Suncast Elements Loveseat with Storage

outdoor storage bench

outdoor storage bench

Check Price & Other Details on AMAZON

What’s interesting in Suncast Elements Loveseat. It’s durable, sturdy, elegant appearance offers a great experience to the living room or wall way. This 23-gallon capacity will definitely blow your mind. Many of the customers appraised the products for its curved shape.

It is also weatherproof with the additional risk of fading out or leakage. We prefer to keep it in the yard on the garden, but keep it away from heavy rain and heavy snowfall.

You will also love its air cushion in the back. The product is also available in three different colors. Please use Amazon link below – for watching the other two colors.

The Dimension:

It’s assembled dimension is 47″ W x 29.75″ D x 35.5″ H. Item weight is 44.9 pounds.

The Best Part:

I think you will love the seller’s warranty provision most. A big surprise is waiting for you that I can’t tell here due to copyright and terms of services of Amazon.

What else you need to know

The material used here is resin. The same thing we have discussed earlier that help something to be dry. What’s Discouraging?

It’s true that – the curved shape somehow limits the storing capacity comparing to other similar products. It’s a bit lightweight to ensure easy movement. But someone in somewhere may do not like lightweight furniture. But at the bottom – the item is getting good marks and recommended for you just because – We Value Your Money 🙂

We have Reached to the Number one 🙂

The Best Outdoor Bench:

No. 1-Keter Eden 70 Gallon All-Weather Outdoor Patio Storage Garden Bench

outdoor storage bench
outdoor storage bench

Check Price & Other Details on AMAZON

What’s interesting in Keter Eden 70 Gallon All-Weather Outdoor Patio Storage Garden Bench

Firstly, this is the only one (when the research is carried out) that offers pure 70 gallons’ storage capacity. Its sturdy appearance already impressed millions’ mind. Its super excited design helped the product to fit anywhere.

You can place it in the bedroom, hallway, corridor or even outdoor. No matter where it has been placed – it just fits in.

It also has locking facility – You can also try locks as per your requirements.

Another interesting this is – the absolute quality offers seating arrangement to two adults and can take up to 771 lbs.

That’s Amazing 🙂

Resin has been used as the major material – wait a minute. I have discussed it in my first reviewed product.

The Dimension:

32.8 X 23.4 X 54.6 inches. It’s huge right!

Keter Eden 70 Gallon, All-Weather Patio Storage with Bench, is suitable for any space any types of weather. It can combat any harsh movement of nature and also keep the stored things safely away from kids, animals, and thief.

And also the used Resin is UV protected that helps to keep the things safe and dry. And also the product is virtually maintenance free just because of the good side of its key material and fine-tuning technology.

Three people can also seat.

100% waterproofing technology is used so far. The assembling process is so easy & quick.

Let’s learn about the company.

You have a right to know why the product is ranked number one.

Keter is the world’s most renowned plastic furniture manufacturer. The company has 18 (till date) manufacturing plants around the world and has been delivering their best effort. The company is located in Israel and has been working home organizing and store optimization.

The Bottom line

If you have been searching for an awesome sturdy patio storage system which is capable of serving two requirements at a time. This is the best product in our eye.

This indoor / garden storage with bench scored very well in all departments.

While we were working on reviewing the products, we saw that – the Keter 70-gallon patio storage is on Amazon’s best seller.

And now we understood, why that happened.

We have also worked to find some negative issues about the product because everything has both pros & cons.

Some of the users have shared their experience in the casual forums that the bench is once was broken. However, we then worked on it and found the customer put heavy metal items in it and placed it in unequally imbalanced position.

So don’t worry.

What if you are searching some other storage such as Shed or Deck Box!

A few days ago – we published a new case study on – Different choices of Storage Box & Store Optimization Techniques.

In that article, we have discussed

  • What are the alternatives of the Outdoor storage bench
  • Little more details about Outdoor Shed
  • Something you don’t know about Patio Deck Box
  • Some store organizing tips that will blow your mind
  • And a surprise

In our review, this one is the best outdoor bench with storage.

Don’t Miss It.

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