Review of 7 Heavy Duty Large Plastic Storage Box with Lid

The demand of heavy duty Large plastic storage box with lid has been increasing day by day due to increasing number of clutter in everyone’s house.

In our previous article – we have presented some of the best outdoor storage with a bench along with the comprehensive buying guide.

In this article – we will trigger the step by step buying assistance of deck boxes.

So, what really Deck Box is

A heavy duty deck box is a storage box with lid that is usually made up of plastic, resin, wood or steel. It’s useful for storing patio or living room items. Usually, the boxes are weather proof, and the natural capacity is almost 200 gallons.

There are different choices available in the online market. Lockable lid option allows the user the ultimate freedom of privacy.

However, best products come up with no locks so that customers can use their preferred locking device.

There are also option to avoid additional cost – if you no longer need any locks.


Some of the Deck boxes has a wheel for the ease of movement.

In our separate page, we have discussed the review of best products. You may have a look at that.

Why heavy duty multipurpose Large plastic storage boxes are used for

In one line, it’s used for hiding the clutter. You can store almost anything according to size.

If you have garden tools, you can keep the arcade beside the garden.

You might store the picnic staffs (such as barbecue staffs, bags, firewood, utensils, tent, and beer etc.)

Or you might store plumbing materials and some other unusual things in the yard.

7 Things to consider when buying an outside storage container with lid

Plastic Storage Box with Lid

#1. Identify where to keep it

You need to identify the keeping position first. Otherwise, you might be going for the wrong option.

Because –

If the place is decided, you can map the best thing according to its size, appearance, material and store capacity.


Renowned manufacturers offer separate design based on the location.

#2. Identify What to keep

Imagine, you are looking for something in which you will store

  • Pillow
  • Cushions
  • Mattress covers
  • Comforter
  • And other bedding materials

Presumably, you are looking for something which is

  • Waterproof
  • Protected from bed bugs
  • Far away from dust and moisture
  • Capable of storing your desired items
  • And obviously, something that offers an elegant appearance that matches with the living room layout.

#3. Dimension

The topic is partially covered by the above two section. Moreover, have a look manufacturer’s provided dimension and again map with your free space.

#4. Capacity

The problem here is –

Manufacturers provide capacity in terms of gallons or in cubic inches.

But we understand – mitres.

You might take help of internet converter, or you can take help of someone expert.

Still, you do not need to be worried. Stores have a standard returning policy that addresses the issue.  The best practice could visit the product physically or ask support from forums where customers met.

#5. Material

Most of the arcades are made up of resins, wood, plastic and steel. Resin offers a shiny surface that helps to keep the surface free from dust.

If you are planning to keep the box in outside of your home, it’s better to avoid wood.

#6. Freedom of Locking

The good thing is – Almost all good products does not have built-in locks. Just because

  • Manufacturers allow you to decide which lock to use
  • You do not need to pay if you don’t buy the lock

#7. Weight Capacity

Do not forget to see the maximum weight capacity. Because

  • In later, you may wish to put another box or another thing over it and,
  • Weight provides the logical hint about the durability

What else might help you

ere is some other logical knowledge bank that helps to make a good buying decision.

Customers’ Experience

The mistake is the great source of learning.

Have a thorough research over the customers’ feedback. You will probably find if someone ever made a mistake.

If you have found such example, what is next?

Assess the significance first. Because once we have seen a customer who complain against a broken box.

We then realized that the incident had happened due to an imbalance in the placing matrix.

What we have considered when reviewing the products

  • Last 12 month’s customer support
  • Average Seles frequency
  • Average customers’ feedback
  • Customers’ online experience
  • Trend analysis
  • Weight capacity
  • Appearance & smartness
  • And a lot more….

When reviewing a product

We prepare a detailed check list of marking points first.

Then we try to physically evaluate some of the products. After carrying out a detailed analysis and user experience testing – we mark products.

After marking initially, we forward it to independent review team who assess the objectivity.

Then we present it to you.

Different Types of storage container with lid

In this review part – we will look on

  • Some extraordinary large deck boxes first, and then
  • Some suitable choices for kids’ room
  • And finally – some other containers you might be interested in.

Large Storage Boxes with Lids

Here – we are going to present top THREE products.

#3. Suncast DBW7300 Mocha Wicker Resin Deck BoxPlastic Storage box with LidCheck Price & Other Details on AMAZONPlastic Storage Box with Lid

The Best Part of suncastDBW7300

This is a 73-gallon capacity box, which means HUGE. This is particularly ideal for living room or even outdoors. You can keep bedding instruments or even weather sensitive particulars very easily.

The Hassel free assembly process has also achieved our concentration.

Have you remembered RESIN?

This big buddy is made of resin that helps to stay DRY. You will also find the handle for easy lifting & shifting.

We have physically tested the product and still using it.

No bed bugs could enter inside since we’ve bought it.You should trust this product for another reason. The manufacturer (Suncast) is one of the pioneer in this depot industry and has been gathering excellent customers’ satisfaction.

They also have other elegant products such as – storage bench, we have reviewed earlier.

Product Dimension:

46 x 21.6 x 22.5 inches. The company also has standard warranty policy (but you need to read that from seller’s page). Things we couldn’t Like. This BIG storage container with lid does not have any hole/lock loop. That means if you are aware of antitheft protection – you need to try something else. (See Number – one). But, if you consider leaving it inside the room, or any store room. This is the awesome choice within the given price.

The Price is also Too COMPETITIVE.

Our research also suggests – the stored goods stay safe from a raccoon.

We have also tested it in the rain – It just become right.

One thing: do you like to sit over it?

You can, even though we couldn’t find any declaration from seller but our experience shows that the deck box can easily take 150 to 200 pounds over it. But, in an imbalanced position – the statistics might vary.

Our Verdict:

Despite looking on to lock hole, the product scored 88 out of 100. If you can keep it free from fire, The effective cost would be $5 per year (after considering proper depreciation). No matter how much you have and how much you are going to give, Good Products always have some good features comparing to other market participants.

#2. Keter Rockwood Plastic Deck Storage Container Box 

Plastic Storage Box with Lid
Plastic Storage Box with LidFirst of all – This is Awesome. This is completely dent, stain and peel resistant.

Is it raining? No issues anymore.

Not even a single FROG or other bugs can enter inside. The lid will always stay as new with dry inside.

This plastic big box with lid support provide super sensational elegant wooden appearance. But the product is made by plastic.

Amazing, right!

It definitely does not look like a storage bench but, two or even three healthy people can sit over it.

In our suggestion – this is very suitable for cushion, garden or any pool supplies.

If you keep it beside the pool, it will keep the pool supplies totally dry and ventilated. If you consider it as a patio furniture – you can. (We have already discussed about the weight capacity)

Unlike previous one, this storage box has a locking facility. You can try any locks there.



Its capacity is 150 (One Hundred & Fifty) GALLONS

Product Dimension: 25.3 x 28.5 x 61 inches

About the Company: Keter is another leading plastic consumer goods manufacturer having successful track records. They have more than 18 manufacturing plants around the world

What We Couldn’t Like: Assembling process is not as easy like the previous one. But not the toughest job yet.

And Finally we moved on to the best product. We hope the manufacturer has proved their brand name – ‘Lifetime.

#1. Lifetime 60012 Extra Large Deck BoxPlastic Storage Box with Lid

Plastic Storage Box with Lid

This is an extra-large 130-gallon (16.4 cubic feet) plastic storage box. High-Density Polythene (HDPE) is used to manufacture the product.

Due to the use of Weather-resistant steel hinges, your goods will be stored safe in any weather.

It’s Sturdy,

The heavy appearance will give you the first indication of quality.

There are three available colors.

You will be amazed to know – The Warranty PeriodIt’s Huge.

The Awesome Facts: You will find a lockable lead & the lock is so strong. Also, there is spring hinge in the lid for gentle closing (for maximum durability).


It’s really tough to close the lid so gently when the thing is so big.

The Slum Shut will never happen again.

We have tried to find something which we could’ve mention in- ‘Things we don’t like’-section. But we failed.

This deck box scored 98 out of 100.

We couldn’t give rest 2 marks because It does not come with a Deck box cover. Its natural if you want to keep the big plastic storage box outside, you will definitely need a cover to protect your asset.


We are presenting an useful cover – ideal for the product.

YardStash Deck Box Cover

Plastic Storage Box with Lid

Plastic Storage Box with LidUsefulness:

  • It protects your storage container for longer period (ultimately extend the life.
  • Helps protecting stored items from harmful Ultra-Violate (UV) rays
  • Keep pests and other rodents away from the surface
  • It’s adjustable to any sized lid boxes

There are also plenty of choices in the Amazon. We suggest you to identify the best thing after reading the detailed customers’ response. Our Final Verdict

  • Read what we have wrote
  • Read customers’ review before you make purchase
  • See average delivery time
  • Don’t always try to save money (just buy the best)
  • If you are buying an extra lock – choose the lock carefully

We strongly recommend you to purchase something that has higher storage capacity. Almost every items in this category is weather proof but still you have rooms for survey customers’ experience before you encounter any incidents.

Review of Kid’s Storage Box

It’s really difficult to choose the ideal home/patio furniture for the kids. You may encounter through various problems such as

  • Kids may not prefer regular colors
  • Storing multiple sized items and their retrieval process is big fact
  • They love standing & jumping over it
  • They often ignore instruction – (what happens if – wet things are stored aside of dry things?)


Our Professional Review team has gathered some of the best choices for your children.

If you love it, please share this in your social network. We don’t charge you for the professional service, we earn small items from google & other affiliated body for our survival.

What do you prefer for your little one?

  • Some awesome medium sized box with innovative art & colors
  • One big box for everything to store

Why Choice of large box with lid is RISKY for kids

If you place an extra-large 120-gallon box in your kids’ room – it will be really tough for them to open that large lid.

Secondly, kids do not like to keep all things at one place as the retrieval of desired piece of thing is so tough.

Giving them plenty of choices help to teach them how to keep things organized.

If you are planning about some cushions, pillow, mattress cover or comforter – then the deck box is fine, otherwise not.

And if you are planning about organizing his/her playing toys & other staffs – give them some small storage buckets/containers and let them organize on their own way.

3 Sprouts Toy Chest – Editor’s Choice

This is an excellent choice for toy storage. This polyester based bucket allows to keep things smartly.

While we are writing about it – this toy chest is in best seller section.

The seller offers different colors and arts. (see pictures)

If you are thinking about durability – the company has been delivering good products since years. They are also the expert in kids organizing niche.

Shakespeare Disney Princess Play Box

This Disney princess play box is plastic made and sold enormously in online stores.

There is also a removable tray inside. This is a multipurpose box – so leave up to them about what will be stored inside. The weight is 10.4 ounce.


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